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What We Do

  • The Healing Touch

    At Milner, we care about you and
    your health. Our team of caring
    professionals is ready to care
    for you whether you need
    rehabilitation, assisted living or skilled care.

  • image2Living your Way

    We have many options when it
    comes to your living environment.
    From our Independent Living
    Facility to our Full Care Center,
    your particular living needs
    can be met.


  • image3Care Services

    With a wide range of care options, you can rest assured you or your loved one will receive the services that they need to continue their everyday lifestyle.

Milner Believes

In the dignity of all human beings; recognizing that each individual has his physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs that must be respected and treated with a holistic approach. Our relationships are based on mutual respect. Milner focuses on meeting the special needs of each of our residents and providing quality services in a secure residential environment - preserving dignity, encouraging independence and nurturing the spiritual well-being of each resident.

Milner is nondiscriminatory. Residency will not be denied to any person because of sex, race, religion, national origin or disability.

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